Thursday, September 3, 2009


In sync with the end of summer the Lips took a tour. They just so happened to book a show at McMenamins Amphitheater, which is 20 minutes drive away from Emery. So instead of sasquatch Noby, Ali, and I took a road trip to Troutdale, OR. Complete with celebration before and after the concert it turned out to be a great show. I wanted to bring my camera in so we had to separate the lens from the body and have two people bring them in and then reassemble it when we got through the gates. It was a very cool show and the setting couldnt have been more beautiful. It was in a small forest of trees surrounding the stage and when you entered through the gates you walked through low trimmed trees with light bulbs hanging in the trees. The coolest part about the venue is that it is located on the property of an old mental institution. They now have several restaurants and rent the rooms out as a hotel. They also have their own vineyard. Overall an awesome place. The show was the typical Lips show. It started off with one of my favorites "Race for the Prize" and ended with "Do You Realize." The one new thing about the show I noticed was that instead of the band coming out of a UFO they came out of a glowing/pulsating vagina on the screen. For this show on the sides of the stages there were men dressed as yetis and women dressed as vixen. At one point wayne is riding a giant gorilla head thing. Its always a trip with the Lips. I completely enjoyed the show and got some decent pictures. Ive posted them on facebook. I should try and keep up with the website and other places but right now Im in web design in school so maybe something cool will come of that this time. Alright well here is one of MY photos too. Its a little blurry but its the best shot of the vagina i could get. ENJOY and EXPLORE!

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