Thursday, September 3, 2009

BACK IN school.

Well im back at it again. Im a full time student this time. I also have no weekend since i work weekends at the co-op. Its a good job though. I enjoy myslef. But anyway school is good. I am in MTA 260 Introduction to Color. In this class I get to use my digital camera and i had to get this macbook pro for the class too. The next class is 301 Investigations of Photography. Its a lecture class and more of a study of artists, trends, styles and iconic images. Its pretty interesting. Thats monday and wednesday. Tuesday and thursday i have ART 145 Web Design. Ok so this is the second time im taking this class but last time it was an 8AM class and in the winter that sucks. But this time its at 1pm and i am a little more motivated about the class. The last class it PHYS 253 Physics of Photography. This is going to be my hardest class since i have to do math again. My brain isnt used to it. Its struggling to get going but its good for me. I need to exercise my brain a little more. But thats my semester. I think I should do well this time around. I have all my classes on google calendar so i can check assignments and stuff from anywhere. so yeah im sure my progress will show on the blog.

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