Friday, June 5, 2009

Dam Pictures

Today i went to the Black River Falls Municipal Dam. I first just walked around the power plant buiding. I took some pictures of the sign for the power plant and some pictures from above the dam. I decided to just go in and let the people there know that I would be taking pictures so they wouldnt freak out or anything. When i went in they took me right to the head guy and hooked me up with the person in charge of raising and lowering the gates. I asked where he thought the best pictures would be and said that he would even take me out onto the dam. I got some great shots of the dam and the mechanical workings of it. The guy (i wish i could remember his name) also said that he was retiring at the start of next year and would love to have a photo of him on the dam doing his thing. I got exactly that and then some so I am going to develop them and see if i can make copies of the negatives to send to them as well as a CD of all the digital shots that I took. All in all it went way better than I had hoped. Right now im sitting on about 5 shots left on the film since i cant find actual black and white film here in BRF. Anyway all those should be up on my site soon. I should add them to some of my other websites. Now its off to party with kyle and jordan. WOOT

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