Sunday, May 31, 2009

From Portland to Phoenix back to BRF

well i have had quite the journey. I have been from the west coast to the southwest now im back home in the midwest and in a week it will be back to western montana.

Portland was the first leg of my trip. I went to visit Emery. We first stopped in bend oregon for a gig he had there then it was off to portland where we took in the night life and enjoyed to city as well as made it to the ocean side at Oceanside. It was awesome.

Then it was a long drive back to montana for about 16 hours then i got on a plane and jumped down to Arizona for my cousin's wedding. Now when you think of arizona you think western towns and desert and cactus and those sorts of things but we went up into the mountains of arizona where it rained every day and we were in a huge pine tree forest. Now there are alot more to the Arizona story but its late so i will have to save that for another day.

Anyway now im back in my home sweet home BRF. Typing this on my old computer sitting in my old chair. aaaaaahhh. While im back im not just going to be sitting around. im going to take alot of pictures. Im going to shoot my old malibu, the damn on the black river since they are going to tear it down and replace it, and im also going to archive all my past artwork. So i can have a full portfolio of my entire life.

WEll thats enough for tonight.

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