Monday, May 11, 2009

Another day in the life.....

Another work weekend finished and now its time for some nice dinner thanks to Alex's parents. Its always nice when they visit. School is done and I PASSED THE GATE! Yeah now I am officially a photographer. Now i just need to make it professional. Im going to take the summer to do what i want and see what i can accomplish. i hopefully will be posting my photos from the last semester on facebook but i just need to figure out how to transfer them to digital since they are too big for my scanner. Im sure i will have access to the photo building over the summer. I hope i will that is.

So im feeling old. my sister is graduating high school at the end of the month. I remember graduation. Its too soon. But i guess it has to happen. i congradulate her for making it into madison. She is going to do great there. I didnt even get accepted there. I wish her the best of luck. And i hope she knows I love her and am always there for her.

Ok that was touching. Anyway just for the record the new Star Trek movie was awesome. I highly reccomend it. Alright well it sounds like its Ale Works for dinner YAY.

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  1. Oh Zachy that is so sweet about your little sissy.