Wednesday, February 11, 2009


A blog huh? Im not sure what i think still but I will give it a shot. So....... photography is my thing now i guess. last year i was "Zach Hoffman........ Architect!" and now not so much. Plus i couldnt really call myslef an architect until i was certified. aaannnnnnyway I am really enjoying taking pictures and so this blog will be about my photo adventures.

..........................The last adventure i had was down on the gallatin river. It was a nice evening and the lighting was just right to cast some good shadows. The bridge across the river was also the subject of some good pictures. after the bridge, emery and i walked down river to a place where you can walk across the river on the backs of old rusty cars. When we got there the light was just right and created some good highlights on the cars. This is also where I left a mangled tree root that had two rocks grown into it. Fred and I had cut this off of the tree a year ago and I finally was able to get it home. Overall it was a good day to shoot. I found that the best time was around 4 to start so the light can cast some long shadows.

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