Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Collage Work

This began as making collages for Emily while we were apart. They usually portrayed a theme of my emotions and feelings that came up when I thought about her or things we had talked about. Using my old magazines (I say my magazines because this project would be different if I used magazines from other sources) I cut out anything and everything that struck me as interesting or meaningful to the theme I was exploring. Now that I am no longer separated from Emily I am now wanting to explore the ideas of media saturation and advertising found in magazines. 

This piece is about the amount of stuff and data we take in when we look around every day. Our brains are the target of so many and each wanting our immediate attention.  If you know people as well you will notice that the head is that of mark zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. After this I start to wonder if knew what kind of gift/evil he created.

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