Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spring Thesis Proposal 2.0


Signs, advertisements, and logos saturate the modern culture. The average American is directly and indirectly targeted by over 3000 advertising messages every day. Our ad-based society is overwhelming yet looked at in a different way I find an endless amount of inspiration and allure hidden in the chaos.
    Desensitized by advertisements, the common person only sees the big picture and idea behind a sign or logo. As you get closer to a sign it begins to lose its meaning. The picture becomes less clear and eventually everything breaks down to forms, shapes, and colors. To illustrate my fascination with advertisements and design I intend to literally get closer to the subject than most people do.
    The project will be comprised of abstracted advertisements, signs, and logos. The images will be shot digitally and manipulated in photoshop then put through a careful selection of alt process, color, and medium to reveal the conceptual nature of the project. Close up images will disintegrate the meaning of large billboards to simple shapes and colors.
    Inspiration for the project comes from many different angles. I find the work of Barbara Kruger interesting and her use of juxtaposed text and images makes me consider advertisements slightly different. I also find the work of Andy Warhol relatable. His use of the printed medium and repetition brought to focus our mass produced surroundings. I intend to use similar techniques in creating an exploration of abstracted ads. Two other influences are the duo Gilbert and George. Their use of graphic repetition and vivid color contrasted with black and white images creates an inspiring style I intend to emulate.
    Although most people wont get this close to ads and signs I hope my project will show the viewer the beauty of our commercialized culture. I intend to provide a simple view of the chaotic nature of advertising allowing the viewer to see the true nature of ads; forms, shapes, and colors.

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