Monday, December 12, 2011

Silicon Soul

Silicon Soul
Beginning in the 60’s with the introduction of the personal computer, a stockpile of outdated and discarded electronics have been steadily saturating society. To most they are remnants of the past with no place or purpose in our digitally addicted world, but to me they are a source of inspiration and creativity. Technology is discarded and forgotten; my collection explores this through a dark and desolate landscape of abandoned technology. In the fifth grade my father brought home an old Macintosh for me to explore and since then I have continued to collect technology for art purposes. The images you see today are an extension of my ongoing obsession towards computers and technology.
    Silicon Soul explores the digital addiction of one man and his interaction with the refuse of the electronic world. United by a common theme of technology, darkness, and despondency, the images are meant to illustrate the feeling of abandonment felt by both man and machine. Every computer, wire, and piece of technology in the images have been reclaimed and reused in order to reflect the economic status and period in time. These were printed on metallic paper to further enhance the electronic and artificial subject matter. 


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