Sunday, August 28, 2011

Too Long!! Thesis time.

Well I need to get over this internet rebellion i have been having. I need to start plugging myself back in to do this project. So I am going to be keeping this as my progress log I hope. The project has evolved from digital drug to digital soul. I think the project made me realize how dependent I was on my digital life and I went through rehab avoiding the internet and tv and everything all summer. Now I feel I am getting spiritual with the project and questioning what we are doing to our souls when we merge with computers. Can our mind be separated from our body and what happens when you break the bonds of mind/body/soul which one will suffer. Im afraid this is going to make the project more difficult to carry out but I want to do this. Its almost a spiritual quest for myself. These are questions I am having. I am on the edge do I want to embrace the machine or do I want to return to humanity and live simply. What is right? These are questions I feel like many of us are facing today. Let me know your thoughts. I am using this as a practice for my thesis.

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