Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The cost of being analog

While I was on vacation in Oregon, Arizona, and Wisconsin I took a lot of pictures and wanted to shoot mainly film so I could come back and develop them on campus so it would be cheap and I could get experience from it. Well after finding out that cant happen I took them in to F11 and gave them a total of about $200 to develop and print my film for me. If I had just gone digital it would have been free development and cost me maybe $25 to get them all printed. Thats the cost of being analog. I was wanting to do alot of analog photography ( according to the wiki definition isn't real since non-digital cameras have no analog sensors in them anyway ). I wanted to do it for the warmth of the photos and the imperfections that come along with it. But I hear there are programs you can get that mimic film down to a T. Its aslo more expensive to get a record than it is to get an mp3. Its a good comparison to photography. Its also a lifestlye struggle I have. Should I be analog and find beauty in imperfection or should I be digital and always have the new and up-to-date stuff. I just dont know.

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  1. It sounds like you enjoy the analog and how you refer to it as "beauty in imperfection". I say analog, but you can always do a little of both. Can't wait to see the pics :)