Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spaceman Zach

So I had this idea a while back to do a photo series on an astronaut who came back in time to earth and is exploring how we lived and is in situations that a normal astronaut wouldnt be in. Such as on a playground. There is a one room school i could shoot at or there are a couple nice playgrounds around town as well. I was also thinking like on the toilet. Kind of weird but astronauts dont use the toilet they just let it go when and where ever they want and its taken care of. Ahh i found my notebook with all my ideas. Um first idea i wrote was downtown walking on the sidewalk. I would get some good looks which is what i would be going for. Or in a bar having a drink. But in every picture the face wouldnt be visable. Another good idea would be like at the dentist or something like that. The playroom at mcdonalds would be a good location too. Skateboarding or riding a bike would be interesting. Just to name a few ideas. Here is the suit i was thinking about getting. Its the only full suit thats under $200. There is another one that i want but it is about $1500 and is pretty much a working model. Its awesome though. It has a gold relfective visor. And all the hoses and backpack and everything. It would make the whole series seem alot more realistic. This one seems a little toy-like. But I think i should still go with it and not just give up on an idea I feel passionate about. So if anyone wants to sponser this shoot feel free to let me know and i would be more than willing to get to work.


  1. i really like the drink in a bar idea as well as the mcdonalds idea. the suit on the left is definitely cooler; have you checked ebay? heh

  2. Ive done a few searches on ebay but i cant find anything. I think i should hold out for the nice one though.