Sunday, May 17, 2009

80 and outlook posative

Add Imagetoday was an awesome day. Besides being stuck at work which isnt that bad, my day went pretty good. Ive been planning out alot of projects in my head for the summer. I want to plant some strawberries. That shouldnt take too long i have the planters in the back and everything else i already have. So that shouldnt be too hard to cross off the list. The next project i have is making the hammock. That will take a little more time because i need to get all the soda rings in order to actually make it. But the plan is to triple them up and then run hemp through and weave it to make it stronger. I just need to look up the different ways to make one. another project i wanted to do this summer is to make the entertainment center that i had been planning since i had moved in. And this time instead of using rocks like had planned on in the beginning im just going to use more glass. and maybe some rocks too who knows. but i need it to hold up a lot more now. and i think i should just mount the tv on the wall. Alright well i think that should be enough. Now i just need to make sure i keep up on these ideas.

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